being the light

Life can {and has}made us fall under the waves of sin and lies. We feel unguarded and victimized by others constantly. Every hateful word penetrates, as another nail of lies tell us the we are something that we’re not. We’re knocked under for a second, but we find ourselves drowning in our own pity. Tonight, I can’t tell you it was me that finally fought the current, because it wasn’t. The Lord seperated the tide and lifted me up. No longer was I crucified by others, but revived by the love of the Savior. Tonight, I am in the knowing that I am not a victim, but I am in fact beloved. I am in fact adored. It is so easy to become complacent in others deadening and tangible hate, and it’s even harder to believe that we are anything than what the world tells us we are. But the beautiful, lit path is there. It can be hidden sometimes but it is there! Yes, we do have to recognize that not everything is our fault because, yes, we do almost always blame ourselves as the culprit. But before anything, we need to know who we are. We need to know who made our hearts and who is guarding them every breath we breathe. Our world is sin. Our world is dark. Our sinful, dark world is a chance to deny wickedness from hardening us into duplicity. God made us to be vessels of the truth that should be willing to fight evil, not become one with it. Go in peace.

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