the inheritance

Above all, we as humans are worshipers. We humble ourselves before something and are ferociously consumed by it. At the starting gate of our mornings, we are awakened by needs. Needs that prevail over our days, and those needs that prevail over our days conquer our lifetimes as well.

In my early relationship with the Lord, I felt constricted and prescribed to knowing Him a certain way. A feeling that is so unsettling and almost perverted. I think back to the war, a battle that drew me back on to enemy lines. An army that drafts you into depraving your walk with God as limited and confined. It made more sense to me to invest in a direction that I was…. sure of because nobody knows His joy until they take the unbeaten path.

Since then, I have heard pastors, friends, and leaders. Their joy and enthrallment with “our” “Creator, Provider, Savior, Lord, God” bewildered me and frightened me at the same time. I was baffled and unbelieving. I had no idea how someone could achieve such convictions. It was airy and unsubstantial to me.

Until I jumped.

These swirling emotions pushed me into the unknown. God pushed me into the fearful unknown and I had emerged into His joy. Erupting with peace. But in knowing his shone light, I was completely unaware of that peace that would come to overwhelm and vanquish the pain of earth in my life.

What I have come to understand is the cessation and settlement that now resides in my soul. I am bowing down to His love. WE are the inheritance of His peace.

{Philippians 3:8 Because of Him I have lost everything}

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