the lord’s inflictions just decorate her words. a faithfulness to pray for, for sure.

black dog laughed

It’s beautiful, that some boy wants this girl and only this girl for the rest of his life. He wants her forever, for her to be his always, for their lives to be intertwined. He loves her so; he agonizes over the exact right ring, thinks of how to ask, gathers up his courage, and proposes.

Radiant love spills across faces as mouths say yes.

Champagne is uncorked.

It seems like everyone and their brother is getting  engaged.

The reality and magnitude of such a commitment didn’t really hit me until the girl who was my best friend back in high school  got a rock a few days ago. My heart swelled up with happiness for her. She found someone who thinks the world of her and wants her by his side forever.

While I can’t wait to dance at her wedding and see her in a white…

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