Spiritual Gifts- the uncorked

I feel this swelling in my soul, of the the words my mind was too fearful to expel to a world that present itself so clean. These emotions, these convictions bind me into seclusion from myself. I create an alternate reality–too scared to be dirty, too scared to be messy. I run from my heart. The one that the Lord has given me. The one receiver, the one recipient, the one thing that ever has the chance to access the “great fountain of energy and beauty spurting up at the very centre of reality” (Lewis). If I leave this abundance untouched in a world of such cold hostility, I am refusing to know the will of my God. The will that is so thoughtfully, preciously, especially conceived for my heart.

Tonight I am so thankful for a gift that has been bestowed upon me with the most humbleness. I am thankful for the absolute, ineffable creativity of God. From the start, He has instilled me with a love of words, and even more, His words. Through new dawns, I hear His murmurs. They tell me to seize this passion of language, to indulge in the stripping of the world, so that I can clearly see Him in my own brush strokes. My soul now becomes liberated-naked to myself, filtered to see His truths, transparent in a way that feels apart- apart from a world that dilutes His grace. I feel captured, I feel defined in the most honest and beautiful way possible.

The Lord is so intentional with spiritual gifts, passions, and loves. Whether you have felt extreme zeal for something or not, be prayerful. He will so powerfully release you from woes and grant you entrance into His truths. Blending the art of gospel and passion is my greatest blessing. I encourage you to seek Him with surrender and desire; to know Him in the most expressive way. blessings.

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