Just a tad to soak in with your morning coffee. In listening to a interview with Gungor, Michael Gungor discussed his inspiration behind his concept album, saying that one lyric in particular set an overall tone for the album. In their song “Fall”, the lyric is:

“Nothing, there is nothing yet in truest form

We walk like ghosts upon the earth, the ground it groans”

He went on to explain that his heart behind it was the idea that love and God and heaven were the most real things and we’re more like the ghostly beings on this earth, longing to be real and God is the ultimate reality. Adding onto this concept, he also asserted that as the ghostly beings on this earth who are trying to be more like God, who is the ultimate reality, we are becoming in tune with this real, reality. Just thought this was the most beautiful, imaginative interpretation of  creation.

If you would like to watch the short part of the interview, I have attatched the link below. Feel free to watch the rest of the interview as well, but the actual topic discussed above starts at about 7:19.

with grace,


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