Repost “Chew” by David Bowden

You have been served
Ancient delicacies of
Grace and truth
But wash them down with
A communion cracker
And a shot of juice
Don’t forget to chew
For you have tasted nothing
And digested even less
You have mouthfuls of church
But I can’t even smell Christ on your breath
Chew a little longer on the bread of life
Those loaves of truth will age in your mouth
Like the finest of wine
Keep a word between your teeth at all time
Like, “Love”, oh!
Never stop biting on love
Let it get stuck between your molar and wisdom
Suck on it until all the flavor is gone
And you have tasted all the subtleties of             
And Hope 
Found in that one sweet bite of love 
Then, once every taste is divined, 
Swallow and let the truth you’ve refined 
Permeate your life 
Medicate your strife 
Renovate your mind 
Penetrate what’s blind 
Meditate a little longer on the bread of life prepared for you
Eat all you can of these loaves of truth
But remember this, my hungry family 
Never forget to chew

David Bowden, Chew (Meditation)

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