Repost by Ramses

I was recently asked
if I believed in
“love at first sight”
to which my friends
respond jokingly
as heads nod from
from left to right

but, I answered yes

& they soon became adamant
about taking into consideration
the implications
of loving someone
I’ve never met

I’m sorry
but I take my cues from a poor nazarene man
who loved first and asked questions later
who compelled me to
recalibrate my perceptions
redirect my intentions
and view my fellow humans
through wider lenses
deconstructing and redefining
what the culture has so cheaply
packaged and labeled
as love

So excuse me
while I re-adjust my vision
to capture the realities 
of this kingdom
where upside-down
is right-side-up
and we perceive
from the inside-out
where the only identity
you have to believe in
is the image in which
you were created in

I was recently asked if I believed in
“love at first sight”
and it shook me to my core

like a blind man regaining his vision
his pupils adjusting
to the overwhelming
sensory stimulation
of bursting colors and light
only to make out
the rugged facial features

of a middle-aged nazarene man
smiling back at him

I like to think I finally understand
what it means to
“love at first sight”


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